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E-Readiness Rankings 2008

The Economist Intelligence Unit has published the E-readiness rankings 2008, and it’s very motivating to see how well some Latin America countries are doing. This article shows you a summary of the results.

The Economist Intelligence Unit defines E-readiness as a measure of the quality of a country’s information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and the ability of its consumers, businesses and governments to use ICT to their benefit.

When a country uses ICT to conduct more of their activities, its economy can become more transparent and efficient. The e-readiness rankings also allow governments to gauge the success of their ICT strategies against those of other countries, and provide companies wishing to invest overseas with an overview of the world’s most promising investment locations from the perspective of e-readiness. (Source: The Economist Intelligence Unit)

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s e-readiness rankings methodology model attempts to measure the importance that many unique social, economic and technological factors have in determining the direction of digital development and e-commerce in a market. The model consider 6 different categories:

1. Connectivity and technology infrastructure
Weight in overall score: 20%

Category criteria: Broadband penetration; broadband affordability; mobile-phone penetration; Internet penetration; PC penetration; Wi-Fi hotspot penetration; Internet security; electronic ID.

2. Business environment
Weight in overall score: 15%

Category criteria: Overall political environment; macroeconomic environment; market opportunities; policy toward private enterprise; foreign investment policy; foreign trade and exchange regimes; tax regime; financing; the labor market.

3. Social and cultural environment
Weight in overall score: 15%

Category criteria: Level of education and literacy; level of Internet literacy; degree of entrepreneurship; technical skills of workforce; degree of innovation.

4. Legal environment
Weight in overall score: 10%

Category criteria: Effectiveness of traditional legal framework; laws covering the Internet; level of censorship; ease of registering a new business.

5. Government policy and vision
Weight in overall score: 15%

Category criteria: Government spend on ICT as a proportion of GDP; digital development strategy; e-government strategy; online procurement.

6. Consumer and business adoption
Weight in overall score: 25%

Category criteria: Consumer spending on information and communications technology per head; level of e-business development; degree of online commerce; availability of online public services for citizens and businesses.

There are 70 countries from around the globe that made it to the list. The United States got the number one spot of the list. The Latin American countries that show a level of e-readiness are:

The Economist Intelligence Unit has published the E-readiness rankings 2008, and it’s very motivating to see how well some Latin America countries are doing. This article shows you a summary of the results.

Hispanic businesses that are operating in the United States need to start taking advantage of the IT infrastructure, e-business tools and e-services that are available to all of them. If the majority of the Hispanic Businesses get more engaged in the use of IT and the Internet, they will have a competitive advantage that will be reflected in the growth and development of their businesses.

It’s very motivating to see Latin American countries improving their e-readiness scores year by year. Despite all the barriers that they need to conquer in order to improve their scores, the Latin American countries are working hard to improve the way they use their ICT infrastructure for their benefit.

It’s also motivating to see how consumers, businesses and government feel more comfortable using technology in their daily activities.

Within the following years, we are going to see a higher participation of Hispanic consumers and businesses in the digital economy. The ICT infrastructure in the United States is pretty solid, and we need to start taking more advantage of it. The ICT infrastructure in the Latin American countries is improving. The growth and development of the digital economy are just getting better, let’s try to not stay behind and be part of it, as soon as we can.

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is going to keep building a very comprehensive online Hispanic Business community one business at a time, and it’s going to keep promoting the use of e-business tools for the success of Hispanic Businesses.

Kind Regards,

Jose Aburto

Source: http://a330.g.akamai.net/7/330/25828/20080331202303/graphics.eiu.com/upload/ibm_ereadiness_2008.pdf


Phoenix Contracting Opportunity

Phoenix is an on-line database in which you register your minority company with the Minority Business Development Agency’s database of minority business enterprises using the Internet. With this tool, you will be able to access contract opportunities and other information vital to the success of your business. You will also be able to receive leads about business opportunities and seek business partners.

The Phoenix database is:

1. Phoenix is free of charge.

2. Phoenix permits you to register once and receive many public and private contract referrals.

3. Phoenix sorts the leads database for you each night and automatically refers opportunities to you via simply worded email or fax. You receive timely information without extensive searching.

As your business grows and you increase your capabilities, you can use your personal
password to update your business profile on-line at any time. When a match is made,
you receive the dollar amount of the contract, time and place for delivery, contact
information and bonding or other requirements. The offering company receives your
corporate contact information, email and Internet home page (if available). You also
receive information about minority business support services that may assist you with bid
preparation, finance or bonding.

To get started, you must be a registered MBE. You can create your FREE MBDA Portal Account by visiting the MBDA.gov website.

If you need assistance with creating your Phoenix profile or if you need assistance with registering for your free MBDA Portal Account, call our support staff at 1 (888) 324-1551 or you may email us at help@mbda.gov.


The Great American Small Business Challenge

The Great American Small Business Challenge is ready to launch! It's time to access your free business development software, online training and support. Read the 8 quick facts about the Challenge:

1. the purpose of the Challenge is to help Samll Business Owners create an effective business-development process.

2. The Challenge us a best-practices approach. It's consistent with Baldridge, Six-Sigma, ISO, TQM and many other quality-based methodologies.

The Challenge is a prescriptive approach. This mean everyone uses the same software and step-by-step methods.

4. Everyone can be a winner.

5. Companies compete at their own pace.

Awards are renewable annually.

7. The Challenge is open to all Small Businesses.

8. The Challenge is a turn-key operation:

* Free Software, Online Training & Support
* Challenge Handbook
* Access to the Challenge Community Network
* Free Marketing Kit:

- Press Releases
- email Blast Copy
- Newsletter Articles
- Ad links

Here are three easy steps that you need to do right now!

Step One:

Click here to download and print a free copy of the Great American Small Business Challenge Handbook.

Step Two:

Click here to sign up for your OnTheSystem business-development software. Select the “Three for Free” user option located on the far right hand side of the screen.

Step Three:

Click Here to JOIN our online community. Then check the "Events" section for a list of upcoming online training classes. Don't miss your chance to get a jump start on the Challenge. Sign up now!

If you have any questions, please contact Mike or Jean:

Mike Kramer, SBDC National Coordinator (847) 675-8211 mkramer@thegreatamericansmallbusinesschallenge.com

Jean Kulig-Tucker, National Director (877) 642-1907 ext. 2 jkulig@thegreatamericansmallbusinesschallenge.com


San Diego Hispanic Network

The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce (HISCEC) wants to invite you to be part of the San Diego Hispanic Network by becoming a Member of the Chamber. The goal is to become a website where people can find high-skilled and talented Hispanic Professionals, as well as Hispanic Businesses from different industries within the San Diego County Area.

We have gotten calls asking for web designers, translators, carpet cleaners, CPA’s, online marketing consultants, business development consultants, among others. We have always referred the closest professionals and businesses available in HISCEC’s database to the people that have contacted us. By promoting the creation of local networks, the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is going to be able to promote its Members by geographical region. The San Diego Hispanic Network is the first one of its kind promoted by the HISCEC.


1. Sign up for your Basic Membership. It has no cost.

Why is FREE?

The mission of the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is to promote e-business tools for the success of Hispanic businesses. By offering free business listings via the free Basic Membership, the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is:

I. Helping to provide Hispanic businesses to have access to new markets.
II. Enabling Hispanic businesses to interact more closely with customers and suppliers.
III. Helping to promote the products and services offered by the businesses that join the organization.

Through the free Basic Membership the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is helping to redefine the market based on the benefits provided by the service. There is no catch and no hidden costs at all. We’re sure that you have seen various free scams on the Internet, but the free Basic Membership offered by the Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce is not a scam in any way, shape or form.

We make our living by conducting ourselves with integrity and honesty in everything we do. We very much appreciate your trust in us. We are never going to do anything that can jeopardize that relationship.

2. Complete your profile, if you have a business. Once you have completed, your business gets listed in HISCEC’s Hispanic Business Directory automatically.

3. Post a Classified Ad under the Community Response forum available in HISCEC's website. You can ad a title with up to 60 characters and description with up to 500 characters.

4. Sit back and relax. Let us do the marketing for you! The Hispanic Chamber of E-Commerce will do its best to help you get new customers.

To promote your business and services in HISCEC’s San Diego Hispanic Network is an extra advertising channel that you can add to your advertising strategy.


U.S. Navy Hosts Hispanic-Owned Small Business Conference

The U.S. Navy Program Executive Officers for Submarines and Littoral and Mine Warfare will host a conference for Hispanic-Owned Small Businesses (HOSB) who seek opportunities with the U.S. Navy at California State University in Los Angeles, CA on 27-29 January 2009.

The conference will provide an unprecedented forum where HOSB owners can connect directly with senior Navy and industry leaders to learn, collaborate, and explore ways in which U.S. Navy undersea and littoral mine warfare programs can benefit from the vast product and service offerings of our nation's HOSBs.

Furthermore, the conference will facilitate relationships among minority-serving colleges and universities and the federal government to attract an increasingly effective and diverse workforce for the U.S. government.

In addition to informational sessions, this conference will provide valuable networking opportunities, including one-on-one sessions where HOSB representatives will meet with large government prime contractors and government representatives to learn about immediate and upcoming business opportunities.

For more information on the HOSB Conference or to register for this event, please visit http://www.hosbconference.com or contact Charise Arellano of Burke Consortium, Incorporated by email at hosbconference@bcinow.com or phone at 703-941-0600.